Within my legal practice, I have been providing specialised legal services especially in the field of copyright and rights related to copyright in connection with basic areas such as civil and business law for almost fifteen years, including IT/software law (in relation to both traditional manners of use and the Internet), relating contractual relations, legal audits, legal analyses or expert opinions.

Legal services are provided on a long-term basis or in single cases (including essential projects) both to authors and to other holders of copyright to authors’ works or other subjects of protection in accordance with the Copyright Act [authors of literary works, works of arts (including graphical works – e.g. logos)], musical or other works including computer programs created on the basis of an order or within an employment relationship, performers, producers of phonograms, producers of audiovisual fixations, database makers, heirs, publishers and others), and to users of such subjects protected by copyright (e.g. to individuals as well as legal entities from the field of IT/software, publishers, producers of phonograms, producers of audiovisual fixations, advertising and media agencies), and also to other interested parties including co-operating law firms.

When legal assistance is provided, stress is laid above all on professionalism and quality, at the same time with the individual approach to clients and their problems including their comprehensive assessment and solution. This is guaranteed above all (but not only) by the long-term practical and theoretical practice and experience in creation and application of the copyright, and by reliability and accuracy.